KismetLit Korner ~ Excerpts of Kismet...

A ride to remember…
By: Ms. Kismet

You’re breaking up with me?”  Addison Thomlinson snickered in disbelief and tossed her fiery red hair over her shoulder.  With shaky hands she raised her chilled goblet filled with White Zinfandel to her botox injected salmon pink lips.
“Addison, you know we agreed that it was just a fling.  I’m not in love with you.”  Chase
Bryant smoothed his massive hands down his light blue silk tie.  His words were calm yet stern.  He knew that if he took her to The Carlyle there was no way she could release her uncouth  antics inside the luxury hotel’s restaurant.  How could I have been so stupid to break up with filet Minot for a damn Quarter Pounder?  Chase shook his head in disgust.  Chase was referring to Brandi Hughes the woman who’d captured his heart during an entrepreneurial conference in San Diego two years ago.  They’d had a wonderful whirlwind romance, but things ended due to the distance between the two.  Brandi was everything Addison wasn’t; kind, thoughtful, and intelligent where as Madison was catty and rude.  “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another engagement I can’t be late for.”  Chase pushed his chair away from the table.
“I see.”  Madison ran her tongue across her teeth.  She knew that when they met they were flinging, but after three months, she’d grown accustomed to having Chase around and she enjoyed sharing her bed with him even if he did leave in the middle of the night.  Why am I good enough to bed but never good enough to take home to mom?  Addison’s mind raced as anger coursed through her body.  “You’re so full of shit Chase.”  Addison snarled through wide eyes.
“Watch your language.”  Chase hissed through a clenched jaw.  His green eyes roved over the restaurant making sure those within ear-shot hadn’t heard Addison.  “You’re so uncouth you know that?”  His jaw muscles tensed in frustration.
“Am I interrupting something here?”  A familiar female voice queried. 
Chase cringed.  Brandi.  Chase’s breath caught in his throat, and his emotions went all out of whack at the site of Brandi.  Her curvaceous body was draped in a canary yellow halter dress with a black ribbon that cinched the waist.  Her silky hair was knotted into a neat Chignon and a pair of designer shades rested on top of her head.  “Brandi.”
Brandi.  Brandi who?”  Addison snapped her voice carrying all up and through the restaurant.
“So this is why I was waiting alone for fifteen minutes in the lobby.”  Brandi’s doe-shaped eyes darted from Chase’s to the modelesque porcelain colored woman with the ravishing turquoise eyes he was sharing a meal with back to Chase. “You told me to meet you in the lobby at twelve fifteen, and here you are preoccupied…” Brandi’s voice drifted off.
Damn.  Chase opened his mouth to speak.  “Brandi wait I can explain.”  He ran a hand through his thick blond hair.
“Um Chase who is this?”  Addison swiveled her neck.
Diners seated in their area dropped their forks to enjoy the show.
A reddish hue filled Brandi’s pecan brown colored cheeks.  She had never been so embarrassed in her life.  “What am I doing here?”  Brandi chortled the sound nowhere near humorous.  The moment she felt her eyes become glassy she became upset with herself.  Ugh must you be so sensitive, her mind scolded.  Twirling on her favorite pair of Jimmy Choos Brandi strutted off toward the exit.  “What was I even thinking agreeing to meet up with you?”
“Is everything okay over here?”  A hostess dressed in a crisp white shirt and tie hauled it over to the table.
“Brandi, wait -” Chase darted out of his seat, practically yanking two hundred dollar bills from his money clip.  He pressed the bills into the palm of the hostesses hand.  “This should cover everything.”  Chase maneuvered passed the hostess to catch up to Brandi.  Because he was inside The Carlyle located at Fifth and Addison, there was no way he could run through the luxury hotel as if it were the Budget Inn.  As soon as he made it outside, the wild New York City wind whipped Chase’s tie in different directions blocking his view.  He nearly missed Brandi whom was a few feet away from him hailing a taxi.  
 “Taxi!”  Brandi shouted as she slapped on her Chanel shades to hide the fact that hot tears were streaming down her eyes smearing her MAC makeup.  God I can’t believe I ever agreed to meet up with his ass.  “Taxi!”  Brandi paced the curb until she watched the yellow and black sedan halt in front of her.  
Brandi’s slender hand gripped the door handle just as she felt a strong hand touch her shoulder.
“Leave me alone Chase.”  Brandi bellowed as she pulled open the yellow sedan door.
“Where to Miss?”  The cabbie’s Indian accent filled the air the moment Brandi scooted into the cab.
“Take me to the fashion dis-” Brandi couldn’t finish her sentence because Cane was practically sitting in her lap.  “Where do you think you’re going?”
“With you.”  Chase stated too calmly as he used his hip to bump her further into the cab.