Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Inside the mind of KismetLitChick...

Welcome to KismetLit ..."where without KISMET there'd be no stories of happily ever after" I'm kismetlitchick, and this is my new cyber home. Here's a bit about me. I'm a true hopeless romantic in every sense. I'm a writer, lover of the written word. So when coming up with ideas about this blog I contacted my sistah friend/writer/mentor Shon Bacon, and after picking my brain, she helped me birth this wonderful idea. 

Kismet. Some people, no matter the time and distance are destined to be together, hence kismetlit! KismetLit are passionate stories full of sexual tension where the heros and heroines meet by kismet and do everything within their power to maintain their happily ever after at all costs. Sounds a bit dramatic. Lol. I know, but what stories about true love and happily ever after's aren't? 

I've tried this blog thing several times, only to have it fall flat, my ideas and motivation too, but not this time.  Here I FEEL more connected because NOW after seven and a half years of writing, I finally have a sense of WHO I am, and what genre I'm most passionate about. As you'll soon hear from Shon, she'll let you know that I'm a big believer in KISMET & LOVE and that all my stories REFLECT these themes. So here on this blog, I want to interview writers who are passionate about kismetlit, and have writers submit short kismetlit stories that I'll post on here. I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I will!

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